Utkal Dibas 2024

OSA NYNJPA celebrated the 89th Odisha Foundation Day or Utkal Dibas at the Indian Consulate, NY on April 6th, 2024. Honorable Consul General Sh Binay S Pradhan joined as the Guest of Honor and Swami Sarvapriyanandaji of Vedanta Society, NY joined as the Chief Guest. Ms. Leena Mishra, President OSA and Senior members Dr. Akhaya Das & Dr Akhileswar Patel joined as special guests. 

Members of the community presented the following cultural programs which were attended by 160+ guests.

Program Name Program Description YouTube Link
Opening song – Bande Utkala Janani Odisha state anthem “Bande Utkala Janani” has solemnly prepared to offer our tributes to Utkala Janani. Our mother Utkala is like a charming princess who has splendid beauty of unending smile spreading across vast seashores embracing the green lush of sprawling forests, rivers and lakes where birds and animals live in mother’s lap as a safe haven, vast paddy fields,  myriad temples of marvelous architecture, pious land of sages and scientists, saga of Kalinga warriors (the Paiko) and  the erstwhile heroes of the seas (the Sadhavas) are our pride, and our cultural heritage. Hae mother – I’m indebted to you. The chorus is presented by Riti Mohanty.
Bandha Nrithya – Oddisi dance  Odissi is more of a Parampara of Gurus and Sisyas. Via this dance, the choreographer would like to pay tribute and regards to all her Gurus who inspired her in this Journey. Presenting to you “Bandha Nritya and Stayee based Odissi dance choreographed by Rashmi Rajaguru. https://youtu.be/s4nrR72nyKA
Kirwani Pallavi – Oddisi dance  Pallav is a Sanskrit word – means slowly blooming and so is the dance,  the pallavi is based on Raag or melody which sets the mood , so even though it is pure (rhythmic patterns and sculptures poses from the temple of Orissa) dance using all the techniques of Odissi, but the movements are influenced by the mood of the Raag-Kirwani (celebrating the beauty of nature .

Choreographed by Guru Durga Charan Ranbir

Restaged  by Guru Bani Ray

Sundara Mo Janama Bhuin and Odisha Mo Odisha – songs The mother is the most beautiful for her children and children are the most adorable for her mother. The immutable equation towards love for the motherland stays ever for eternity. Attractions of Odisha is an irresistible call for us to go back to mother’s lap like a paradise. Let us sing a song “Sundaro Mo Janomo Bhumi” prepared by Riti Mohanty. https://youtu.be/myNGAVuKdeE
Shiva Tandav Stotram – Oddisi dance This Stotra was dedicated to Lord Shiva who is the God of destruction. The stotra was written by Ravan the king of demons and devotee of lord Shiva. He had a drum which he used to compose 1008 verses extempore which is called Shiva tandav stotram, Shiva was so pleased by this and enamored listening to it.

Music : Pandit Bhubaneswar Mishra

Guru : Smt Aradhana Das

Saata Dariya Parire – dance This program includes few dance pieces portraying native nostalgia in America that never dampened with a distance traveling half across the globe faraway passing over seven seas. 

Sweet memories of our motherhood filled our heart, mind and souls to cherish deeper than life celebrating all festivals and rituals. 

Odia identity, glories, pride, cultural heritage and self- esteem are incomplete without our Lord Jagganath.

Age old Art forms of Odissi, Champu Chanda, Jani Jatra, kela keluni nacho, Mahari ghoda nacho, dasa kathia, Pala, Ekanki Abhinaya to name a few- make Odisha the – UTKALA- “Utkrishta Kala to deso” – a Land of best forms of Arts and culture 



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