Welcome OSANYNJ Executive Team !!!

Dear OSANYNJ Friends
Hopefully you all enjoyed the Thanksgiving with your family and near ones. Time has arrived to say Goodbye to the existing OSANYNJ Executive team members and welcome our new Executive members.
Please join me thanking our outgoing dynamic team….
Reema Mishra – Cultural Secretary, Suman Kothari – Finance Secretary, Subhasish Tripathy – Vice President, Sudhendu Das – Secretary {Will continue his service with the new team also}
As mentioned in the KP 2015 I am very lucky and proud to have friends like these 4 who has supported me and our Oriya community with their endless hours of commitments. Because of their brilliant ideas, dedication and calmness we were able to execute each OSANYNJ event with such a great success. We are very grateful and thankful to each and every volunteers of the society for their endless support for everything we have asked for. Last but not the least all these efforts would not have resulted anything without your presence and encouraging words in every event we have hosted.

Now time has come to welcome the new Executive members and start the transition process. We will join our core volunteers group to support the community in all possible way. I herewith congratulate the new OSANYNJ Executive team members.
Sridhar Rana – President, Chaitali Roy – Vice President, Ranjita Mishra – Cultural Secretary, Hemanta Pradhan – Finance Secretary, Sudhendu Das – Secretary, Bijay Mohanty – Dramatic Secretary
Note – Please see the attached doc for the team introduction.
Please join me to Congratulate the new team on behalf of OSANYNJ family & friends.
We will be there for every help you need….
Best of Luck!!!
Outgoing OSANYNJ Executive Team

Bijay Mohanty, Dramatic Secretary, OSA NY-NJ
Drama_Secretary_2016I always feel proud that we have the organization OSA and we are part of it. My name is Bijay Mohanty. I along with my wife Anupama moved to NJ in 2004 from Albany. We never felt that we are not with our friends and families after getting to know so many Odia people through the association. Then our kids Gyan and Ayan became part of the family. My wife Anupama is, an Odia, born and brought up outside Odisha. Puri is my Hometown. I bring all the traditions and culture from the same place. I still feel Bhajana and Kirtana of Puri Bada Danda playing in my ear. That could be reason I am more attracted towards theatrical. I have been actively involved in drama and cultural activities performed by NY/NJ Chapter in all the events like Kumar Purnima, RDF and OSA Convention. I am honored to be given the charge of newly created position Dramatic Secretary. We will try our level best to take it to a new height. We would always love to see all our seniors to be part of all the events and enjoy with us. We need all your blessings. At the same time we will try to engage our future generations to know the value of traditions and culture.
Jai Jagannath.

Ranjita Mishra, Cultural Secretary, OSA NY- NJ
OSA convention, 2003 in New Jersey was my gateway to OSA NY/NJ. Coming from temple city of Odisa, I was longing for the feel of Odisa in New Jersey. I and my husband, Pradeep Mohapatra committed to the objectives of OSA NY/NJ to keep Odisa’s cultural heritage alive among Odia leaving in USA. OSA NY/NJ community gives us moral, emotional and social support that we could have missed being seven seas apart from Odisa.
This year I joined OSA NY/NJ management team as the Cultural Secretary. What I and my family have benefited as part of this community, my effort will be to cascade those benefits to other Odia families in this tri-state area.

Hemant Pradhan, Treasurer, OSA NY- NJ
Namaskar, my name is Hemant Pradhan. At the very outset let me thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve our community. I am passionate about anything related to Odisha and Odia. I have led efforts for many Odia causes during my student days including writing and editing Odia literary articles. I have worked as the Treasurer of OSA Southeast Chapter in the past when we used to live in Charlotte, NC.
I along with my wife and our two young kids are fortunate to be part of the OSA NY/ NJ family since many years. We have been involved in majority of our local OSA community activities including the 40th National Convention at Trenton.
I am excited to be part of the new OSA NY/NJ Leadership team and thankfully look for your help and guidance to serve our community better.

Sudhendu Das, Secretary, OSA NY-NJ
Secretary_2016We started our association with the Odisha Society of Americas upon landing in New Jersey in 2005. The warm welcome bestowed on my young family by the OSA members made us feel that we now have an alternate home away from our motherland.
Our humble beginnings’ is from a small village in Cuttack. Priya, my wife, is from Berhampur. I have the privilege to grow up in the environs of IIT Kanpur where my father was a founding member of the local Utkal Parishad. Amongst the other cultural and academic activities we also participated in the 1984 cyclone relief activities.
As part of the OSA NY/NJ it was our great pleasure to volunteer on the 40thAnnual OSA Convention held here in Trenton. I believe, each of the OSA activities is an opportunity to yet again get together with people from our heritage. Growing up here in USA my daughter (Aastha) and son (Arvind) find for themselves opportunities to mix with Odia speaking people and appreciate the richness of our culture.
Professionally I work in Technology Management of one of the biggest Financial Institutions. This helps me understand and appreciate the concept of being a world citizen.
We hope that you can join us while we grow further on our vision of creating a value filled social experience while revering our Odia legacy.

Chaitali Roy, Vice President, OSA NY-NJ
VP_2016My name is Chaitali Roy. I am from Cuttack. I graduated from Utkal University. I am married to Sribatsa Das from Keonjhar district. I relocated with my husband to New Jersey in 2002 from South Dakota. I have two children, Piyush aged 12 and Pooja aged 8. I work for Weichert Realtors in the business process and information technology area. I have been associated with OSA ever since we relocated to New Jersey. I aim to include the seniors and engage the future generations to grow our community and culture. I will do my best in collaboration with the members of the committee. I seek your assistance to make positive contribution.

Sridhar Rana, President, OSA NY-NJ
Namaskar, OSA NY-NJ!
Thank you for your trust on us. We are honored and willingly accepted the responsibility. As a socio-cultural organization OSA NY-NJ try to provide a memorable childhood to our kids, a sense of friend circle feeling to our young, a sense of community pride to our adults where they can show-off, share moments in a non-intrusive friendly manner. In a nutshell, its purpose is to provide a sense of social safety net to our family life that every member and future-members should realize without any ambiguity and should take advantage of without any discrimination. Now is the time to renew that purpose. Our goal is to keep OSA NY-NJ relevant, purposeful and vibrant for all its members and we look forward to your cooperation, support and guidance to achieve this goal.
To introduce myself, I am involved with OSA NY-NJ since 2003 Convention and have actively participated in most Odia projects and events in this area. In the past I have been Committee Secretary, Vice president and Secretary of OSA NY–NJ Chapter; Editor-in-chief of OSA Newsletter – Utkarsa 2009-2013; Editor of OSA Souvenir 2009 and Editor-in-chief of OSA Audio Souvenir 2009, first of its kind in OSA history. I live in Mount Olive, New Jersey with my wife Bijoylaxmi and our two daughters.
There is a proverb, “If you want to be respected, you must respect yourself”. For those who are on the fence or still asking “why should I join OSA”, I believe the same applies to community. Like family and professional responsibility, it is essential to fulfill our social responsibility to have better life, to have our presence felt, to be useful to others and to have our voice heard when needed.
Long live OSA NY-NJ and God bless all its members.
Best Regards
Amar Senapati
Proud to be an Odiya….

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